creative consulting and coaching

How I help you

I take on the creative heavy lifting so you can focus your energy on the things you do best. If creative thinking is something you need to make your project or event more successful but the thought of “getting creative” makes you break out in hives (or at least a low grade sweat), you don’t have to put your energy into something you don’t find invigorating, fun, or satisfying. That’s why I’m here: to take on the pieces that stress you out and turn it into magic while you channel your efforts into using your strengths. Together, we make a beautiful team.

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writing Projects

Looking for ways to add personality, energy, clarity, or humor to your writing project? Let’s work together to take your words to the next level. I specialize in:

  • Content Editing

  • Idea development for writing projects

  • Consulting and coaching to elevate your presentations, videos, or storytelling

  • Ideas for starting and/or creating content for a blog


event Consulting

Everyone wants their event to be memorable, personalized, and fun — I can help you create the type of shindig that your guests will remember long after you send them home.

Whether it’s a private party, workshop, fundraiser, or business event, I love helping clients create meaningful gatherings that allow their guests and attendees to connect and feel nurtured.