Taking Words Of Affirmation To The Next Level

words of affirmation

Saying something nice for the sake of being kind is fine, but it lacks the gravitas of a comment that comes from the heart — or better yet, a comment that has been crafted with heart. Words of affirmation are pretty straight forward: speaking kind, loving, and encouraging words to others. But magical stardust starts to fall when you take an ordinary phrase and pour some sauce on top.

When you dig a little deeper into what you’d like to say to someone you care about, the result is words of affirmation that ultimately create more of an intimate bond in your relationships because the other person feels seen and validated. Using default phrases like, “I love you,” and “You did great,” are just peachy, but being intentional and specific with your language is the whole peach pie. Don’t sweat it if you’re not a wizard of wordsmithery; you need not have the vocab of a highbrow literary aficionado to knock someone’s socks off with supersized words of affirmation.

Fo’ insteez, say you want to tell someone you love them. Instead of the catch-all, “I love you,” ask yourself why you love them before saying it. Do you love them because they make you feel safe? Because they make you laugh? Because they make the most scrumptious damn chili this side of the Mississippi? Tack that onto the end of “I love you,” and you have yourself some mighty fine words of affirmation, friend! Super specific and thoughtful to boot. Considering the why is the secret potion to powerful communication.

Once you get the hang of what to say, here are some fun ways of how to say it with pizzazz.

When Someone Is Sad

Send them a cookie cake with a nice message piped in icing. (Might I suggest, “It’s OK to eat your feelings, just remember that you is smart, you is kind, you is important.”)
Leave a sweet note and flower in a surprising place for them to find.
Write an email detailing the top 10 reasons they are awesome.
Have temporary tattoos printed with a power word. They can apply these anywhere to remind them that they are a badass.

When Someone Celebrates An Achievement

DIY a banner or poster and leave it in their room, yard, office, etc.
Have a set of pencils made for them, embossed with encouraging phrases. (Might I suggest, “You are a boss bitch, but not a bitch boss.”)
Cover a plain balloon in positive words that describe that person.
Give them a shout out on social media.

Just Because

Send a text to remind them how happy you are that they’re in your life.
Invite them to coffee and tell them to their beautiful face!
Drop a thoughtful note in the mail when it is NOT their birthday. Out of the blue has way more razzle dazzle.
Hide a card in their luggage before they leave town.
Leave a sticky note in the refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

It only requires a small amount of effort to rock someone’s world with words of affirmation. Asking yourself why you love someone, why you think they’re amazing, or why they are so good at what they do opens the door to a plethora of ways for your to express your admiration to them. And all the fun ways to do it is just some sauce on top.