4 Easy Ways To Think Positive More Often

think positive

It's next to impossible to think positive all the time and I'd go as far as to say that expressing exclusively positive emotions all the time would deny you from experiencing a deep life. Having the chance to feel as many as emotions as possible may not always be a party, but it certainly makes for a more well-rounded existence. The trouble is getting stuck in those negative spaces that not only bring you down, but keep you stuck and rob you from experiencing the joy which is your birthright. The good news is you can take steps to create a more positive mindset no matter how far you've crossed over to the negative side. 

Fortunately, I'm one of those lucky souls that was born with a positive disposition. Don't get me wrong, I can stomp my feet, clench my fists, and go all Eeyore with the best of them — but for me the inclination towards positivity comes naturally and I always find myself back in a thumbs-up state of mind. Over the years people have remarked on my sunny outlook and questioned how I maintain this attitude. The truth is it takes commitment, even for a person who is genuinely inclined to think positive. But applying a few simple standards for your thoughts and actions can boost your positive vibes. 

Redirect Your Thoughts

The silver lining to a bad situation usually isn't recognized until you've gone through some rough emotions. But simply reminding yourself that the possibility of something good coming from a sucky situation can shift your perception towards the positive. I always love a good guided meditation and visualization to enhance whatever area of self-growth I'm working on. Listening to this Smile and Be Happy meditation pumps you full of good feels and helps you to create a more positive mindset. 

Forgive Yourself

If you're aiming to be more positive, you're headed in the right direction. But expecting to nail it every single time is just not realistic. Please be kind with yourself when you stumble, because you are most definitely going to go down the negative rabbit hole at some point. Aim for moving on and hitting the refresh button instead of berating yourself for not being the perfect picture of positivity. 

Encourage Yourself

To create a more positive outlook on life, start talking nicely to yourself. The way you speak to number one is important, so choice your words thoughtfully. Say nice things to yourself and be encouraging. Focus on what you're good at and what you're doing right. 

Practice Gratitude

Being grateful is mucho powerful and done consistently can transform your attitude to a more positive one. Find even the smallest reason to be thankful: socks to warm your feet, food to nourish your body, the ability to laugh or read or love. Everyone is guilty of taking the little things for granted, but when you recognize the little things are gifts, huge shifts in your mindset start to happen.  

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