Blessings From My Place In Line

blessing others

There’s this thing I do when I’m waiting in lines. I send strangers blessings and wish them well. Not out loud or anything. I mean, I do have a reasonably healthy set of social skills. But I started it a few years ago and now I just can’t stop.

It’s like this: while I’m idling in a queue at airport security, waiting my turn to pay for groceries, or standing around in a crowd with nothing better to do, I fix my eyes upon the others in my sightline and offer them some goodness.

There’s a little rhythm that I’ve fallen into, a pattern of three blessing that I send to other line-dwellers and passers-by milling about wherever I am. I look to the person in front of me and say in my head, I send you love. I find another person nearby and mentally send them, I wish you peace. And to the third human in my periphery, May you be filled with joy. Then I repeat this benediction of sorts until I’ve run out of people to toss my well-meaning energy toward.

It’s just a small simple act that feels really good, so I keep doing it. Over time I’ve become better at meaning it. More adept at feeling it rather than just “saying” it — genuinely experiencing a sense of hopefulness that my silent blessings will somehow gently land in the lives of these strangers. I honestly want them to experience the love, peace, and joy I am energetically sending them.

I think these days we can all use some happy wishes, good favor, and silent blessings from unassuming suburban moms waiting to purchase a coconut milk latte. The next time you’re trapped in a line, resist the urge to stare at your phone, and instead, send some heartfelt thoughts in the direction of the hipster ahead of you. At best, the magic will take. At least, you’ll feel like you’ve done a good deed.

And as for you. I send you love. I wish you peace. May you be filled with joy.