How To Ramp Up Your Abundant Mindset

abundance mindset

There's a ton of things about our fast paced world that are extremely fun and incredible. I mean, you can have the lyrics to any song within seconds — settling disputes between you and your friend about what Salt of Salt-N-Peppa really says in the second verse of "Push it." Stopping to ask for directions is as antiquated as a cassette player since we can hold a GPS in our palms. And don't even get me started on the ability to have groceries delivered to my door in a matter of hours because the joy of this brings me to my knees with a happiness that boarders on mania. But keeping this speed also has a shadow side that impedes your ability to really allow things to soak in and register, causing you to miss some of the juiciest morsels your life produces.   

Moving from one event to the next can feel like a blur, making your day more like a list of tasks that were checked off (or not) instead of a full and meaningful experience. Every day we are given is a gift — just think of all those who were denied the privilege of waking up this morning — and when you don't find the most of what you want in that gift it can begin to feel like a burden. The things that weigh you down start to superced the things you hold precious. Paying bills, sweeping the floors, getting to the next level at work, and driving little people all over creation consumes so much of your daily bandwidth that you're left with exhaustion and overwhelm. Then, when you do have any spare plots of mental real estate available, you feel as if you should use them in a productive way; whatever that means to you. 

But what if you could find a way to take care of all your responsibilities and be left with more than enough energy to enjoy your actual life? How would it feel to not allow the things that need to be done deplete your resources, so you could spend more time in a space of joy, ease, and deep appreciation? Sounds pretty damn cool, right? That's because it is super damn cool (and way easier than you think). 

Here's the best part: you don't have to overhaul your life to move into a better feeling place. I've made that mistake before: getting caught up in the idea that I need to make a massive life change in order to experience more of the emotions I crave the most. For a long time I thought that if I was really going to live my best life I needed to move to a farm, become one with the land, and blog about canning tomatoes and various other DIY hacks. I came by this honestly since the people I saw doing these exact things reflected back the sense of peace and mindfulness I desired. But there's a reason I never took the leap and farmed it up and that's because I would hate it. It's not who I am. I'm just not a country mouse even though it looks cool AF. 

What I came to understand was that I didn't have to replicate someone else's lifestyle in order to get in the zone, I just needed to adjust my mindset. I wanted to experience more of the good stuff: laughter, fun, connection, joy, freedom. And less of the emotional sludge: frustration, complaining, avoidance. I made a decision to create an abundant mindset so I could fully absorb all the wonderful things life was offering me. By doing this, I realized there was already loads of abundance around me — the problem had been, I kept giving it the middle finger.

I started to mine my everyday life for abundance. When my kids were laughing in the car, I acknowledged how much joy and laughter surround me. When I was grocery shopping (my most hated of errands) I stopped to be thankful for the abundance of healthy food in my cart and the money to pay for it. As I sat with my girlfriends over dinner, I silently recognized the powerful connection we share and felt extremely grateful. The more I appreciated the abundance that was currently around me, the more abundance started to raise its hand and make itself known. 

The one simple thing you need to do to fast track your abundant mindset is to make a habit of stopping to notice what you already have and consider valuable. What people, items, and experiences in your current situation are already reflecting the feelings you long for most?

Each day I like to do a quick abundance check-in to keep my mindset muscles strong. I start by thinking of anything I can find abundance in, for example, my car. Then I list all the positives about my vehicle: it's safe, reliable, plays music for me, has working windows and AC/heat, has enough room for my whole family. Or I'll think of an area of my life, like my family, and make an abundance list around that. When I'm feeling stuck, I'll start with a room in my house and do the same. You'd be surprised how much abundance you can find in a bathroom! There's products to clean you and help you smell good, warm running water at the turn of a handle, fuzzy towels to dry you, and cozy bathmats to comfort your bare feet. 

As you play with this exercise more and more, you'll begin to discover how much abundance is presently in your situation. The more your mindset becomes conditioned to spot abundance, the more abundance you'll create. As you pull yourself out of autopilot you'll unearth evidence that you already have much more of what you want that you initially believed. And as you gather this data, be sure to enjoy these delightfully abundant gifts and experiences. Feel into your abundance and watch your perspective shift.