A Pep Talk For People Who Want To Quit Their Job

how to quit your job

Below is a letter I received from a person who wants to quit their job, along with my response. I have made a minor revision in the original Pep Talk I sent them to address others who may be in a similar situation. Prepare to be pepped!

Dear Autumn,

I am currently in a job that offers financial security but I know it is burning me out and I am constantly thinking "I'm not living my best life!" It's just not sustainable, and I'm too old for that sh*t. While this should be enough to convince me to move on, I'm stuck in the cycle of the known vs. the unknown. I actually gave my notice [recently] but the powers that be are asking me to stay and adjust my work flow to accommodate, but I know this will not change the constant 'hair on fire' energy that seems to be ever present.

One other piece of this puzzle that I am wrestling with is taking the summer off to spend with my young children, do some awesome manifesting and really focus on what I want and need versus staying where I know the ropes. Putting it down in writing makes it seem so black and white but a somewhat large part of me is having some major self-doubt. I have a bit of financial cushion to do be able to do this, but the penny-pincher in me is a bit frightened to walk away from a paycheck right now. My youngest is about to enter Kindergarten in the fall and I know in my heart this is time I will never get back.

Disgruntled Employee

Dear Disgruntled,

You have a strong sense of awareness for your current situation, which is wonderful because you're able to see things from various perspectives. But the reason you're struggling with resolution is because you're caught in a classic case of head versus heart.

The rational part of your mind wants nothing more than to keep you safe, so it sounds the alarm every time you do something that threatens to compromise the things that make you feel secure, which in this case, is a steady paycheck. Then there's your heart, which speaks the language of your spirit. Your spirit communicates through inspiration and love which is channeled through your highest potential — it doesn’t know words like “fear” or “doubt” or “second-guessing.” When your head and your heart are not aligned in agreement, you will always feel restless.

It sounds like you already know what you want to do — you're just not sure if you trust in yourself enough to manage the changes that will come with shifting gears. (Although I have to say, you seem like a person who can handle their shit and figure things out as they go along! ) The tricky thing about the unknown is that it’s unpredictable. You can’t script what happens, so you start the negotiation process with your head and your heart. You begin to decide the amount of comfort you’re willing to surrender to the unpredictability in order to see what happens next; while also counting your bargaining chips for maintaining the level of security you’ve created in your current situation.

In your particular case, you've received a very clear message from your spirit — so definitive, in fact, that you straight-up QUIT your job! And how did that feel when you put in your notice? I'd bet my favorite pair of jeans that you felt pretty freaking powerful in that moment. That's the feeling of being in alignment with your spirit.

For those of you who don’t have the luxury to give your current gig the ole heave-ho (a privilege that Disgruntled acknowledges in their letter) I suggest you come back to finding some gratitude for what your current job offers. A shift in perspective will help you carry on in a positive way until you’re able to make your way to a more satisfying job. I know you want to give your job the middle finger, but how is that really going to help you? Having an idiot boss and brutal commute totally sucks , but if your job pays the bills and you get a lunch break, focus on those things even though they feel insignificant. Don’t let the negative aspects grow so big that they cast a shadow over what’s good. Find even the smallest of positives and give your attention to those things. Is there a bathroom in the building with running water? A coworker you enjoy talking with? Free coffee in the break room? Remind yourself of these things while you’re planning your exit strategy.

To both Disgruntled and the rest of you, if you’re still philandering about taking the leap and quitting, ask yourself these questions:

- When is a time in your life when you've had to figure things out one step at a time?

- What’s an example of a situation where you started something new and had to rely on yourself to problem solve?

-How much of your comfort are you willing to play with in order to try something new?

-What do you need to do to trust yourself enough to handle new situations as they come along?

Always remember that you have the type of agency over your life that allows you to do, be, and have all manner of things. There's no one size fits all formula for how to live with purpose, you get to custom craft you're own unique brand. I wish you all the best and hope you will let me know what you decide.

With love and hugs,