A Sacred Girl In A Modern World

daily sacred

I feel it’s only fair that I let you know I am a love-drunk fool for modern luxuries. I mention this upfront because the gooey nougat center of what I‘m going to tell you is quite the antithesis of one-click deliveries and posting pretty pics with the perfect filter. Speaking of one-click deliveries . . . I freaking love those! There are literally people who willingly shop for my cage-free eggs, AA batteries, and toaster waffles, then BRING IT TO MY HOUSE! If this isn’t the best time to be alive, sign me up for a cryogenic chamber because I want to be thawed out on the day it gets better than this.

And don’t even get me started on how I can effortlessly make a short video of myself looking like a cartoon kitten with a high-pitched voice and send it to my BFF, who will receive it within seconds. That is so cool, I just peed my pants a little. I find so much joy and playfulness in the modern connected world while also craving all the unplugged moments that require going deep within. Both of these things are true at the same time — I walk two worlds and I’m learning to travel both with grace. I’m a sacred girl in a modern world.

In order to fully embrace this juxtaposition of traits, I had to stop believing that being spiritual/soulful and indulging in contemporary culture are mutually exclusive. I like meditating and also saying, “shitballs!” Some days I drink champagne with my friends, other days I give people Reiki. All of this is wonderful. I don’t have to choose. I can dance until 1:00am in high-heeled boots then wake up in the morning, light a sage bundle, and “OM” at the top of my lungs. To deny one of these aspects for the sake of the other would be nothing but dishonoring my true self.

The key is to honor all sides of yourself in equal measure — this is how you learn to feel whole. Keeping certain parts of yourself in the shadows because you don’t think they fit into the image you’re projecting to the world doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you fragmented. It’s like tortilla chips saying to guac, in all seriousness, “Step aside, I got this.” No. No, you don’t got this, chips. Accept that you’re only reaching your highest potential when you are slathered in mashed avocado.

The space where all your attributes can co-exist in the light of day is the space where your personal power can breath and stretch and grow. Which is why you must discover ways to marry all the things that make you, you. For me, it means weaving in sacred moments to the busyness and distractions of my modern lifestyle. I call these moments my Daily Sacred.

honor yourself

A Daily Sacred is my way of taking ritualistic acts, behaviors, and experiences throughout the day and deep fat frying it in honor and intention. (And possibly slathering it in mashed avocado.) I started trying this practice on for size one day when I was in the shower. Since I shower every day-ish, I figured the routine nature of it would help me stay consistent. The running water is my trigger; when the droplets soak my skin, I’m reminded of what I need to do.

I start with my head and work my way down, thanking my body for each function it provides. From my healthy mind to my able feet, I express gratitude for everything my amazing body allows me to do, like hug my sons and cry tears of joy. I also use the water and the bubbly suds as a symbol for washing away everything I don’t need. Fear, doubt, judgment, resentment — it can all ride down the drain pipes on fallen follicles of hair. This Daily Sacred cleanses and renews my body and spirit.

Then there’s my coffee time. Coffee time is sacred enough in and of itself because, coffee. But I honor those minutes I spend with my hands wrapped around a hot steamy mug by using that time to fill myself up with good stuff. I do breath work. I say prayers and blessings. I make a list of everything I have to be thankful for in that day. I set intentions. I read inspiring quotes or books. I ask myself good questions like, “How can I contribute today?” and “Who can I encourage?” It transforms my morning cuppa caffeine into a sacred act that helps set the tone for my day.

I set these moments up throughout my day to correspond with activities I do on a daily basis. I have one for working, driving, fixing dinner, and my bedtime routine. Some I’m better at than others and that’s just peachy. Part of the fun in creating a Daily Sacred is looking forward to doing it! It feels so damn delicious to participate in these moments because it gives you something meaningful to counter all the heartbreaking news stories, hateful tweet-mongering, and empty longing for all the problems you can’t fix. It connects you back to your center, back to what matters most, back to the truest parts of yourself. And when you do that, you honor all of yourself. You create that glorious wholeness.

There’s a yogic mantra, so hum. It means, I am that. “That,” being oneness, wholeness, all that is in you. You say this mantra to yourself as you breathe and it creates a cadence with your breath and the sounds. So on the inhale, hum on the exhale. Breathing your way closer to embracing the oneness of who you are. A champagne-loving goofball who likes body glitter and inappropriate humor? I am that. A deeply feeling soul who loves crystals and helping herself and others heal? So hum. Embracing the sacred and enjoying the grocery delivery.