3 Ideas For Connecting Deeper With Your Kids

connecting with your kids

It’s possible that in between the diatribes on making good choices and the rants about chowing on too much junk food, you’ve experienced those serendipitous moments of parent-to-child bliss where you meaningfully connect on a deep level. One day it might be a shared looked from across a room, while another time your moment consists of spending time together doing something you both love, like building sandcastles or baking cupcakes.

Although these moments feel like they tend to drop out of the clear blue sky, the truth is this type of connection is something you can cultivate in your relationship with your child. Becoming aware that you desire to create more of these moments is the first step in taking a mindful approach to having purposeful exchanges with your little loves. Here are three ideas to get your juices flowing.

1 Three Things

Think of three things you love about your child, then say to them, “Here are three things I really love about you. Can you guess which one is my favorite?” After they’ve discovered which is your favorite thing you love about them, ask your kiddo to tell you which of those three is their fave about themselves.

I did this with my sons and it turned into a great conversation! We delved into the why behind each wonderful personality trait, skill, and talent. Then, as a fun surprise, my boys told me what they loved best about me. [Cue my heart melting like butter.]

2 Share A Story

Even as an adult, I never tire of hearing my parents tell stories about their lives. Some of their tales give me insight, others provide comfort — but overall it makes me feel more connected to them in some way.

Share a story about yourself with your child. If you have one that is relevant to their current age, even better. To foster the right climate for connection, steer clear of making the moral how much better they have it than you did. This story is meant to build your relationship up and show them that you can relate in some ways to their present experience.

3 Do Something Together

Ask them to choose an activity to do together, then go all in. Leave your phone and other distractions out of sight, so you can focus all of your energy on what you’re doing. Let loose. Be silly. Connect with your inner child and be in the moment.

This type of quality time makes huge deposits in the soul banks of both you and your children. Nourishing these precious interactions is a simple way to build deep connections that cause smiles and warm fuzzy heart feelings when remembered.