Living Your Best Life As An Enneagram Type 7

Enneagram type 7

Are you seduced by the sexy allure of anticipation? If you are hot and bothered equally in the areas of planning and experiencing something new and interesting, there’s a good chance you’re a Type 7 on the Enneagram personality wheel. I’m a 7 so hard, it hurts. If you tell me there is a 10 percent chance of something even remotely exciting happening I will begin cooking-up a fantasy of exactly what this scenario is going to be like, planning details that will most likely never see the light of day. Why? Because as a Type 7, it is my nature to drop this cool idea like a hot potato as soon a more salacious one pops into my mind. (Did anyone else just see that squirrel run by?)

Listen, it’s not because us sevens are complete and utter flakes, it’s just that we luuurve the heck out of life and all its wonder-filled corners that we’ve yet to explore. This is why we have a knack for reaching out of our current reality and into the next one that we think will be the most dazzling version of anything we’ve done with ourselves yet. Sevens are prone to chase the high of intrigue and exhilaration while consuming all the things. Sound exhausting? It is. But the last thing a Type 7 ever wants to admit is that they are exhausted.

Sevens have some incredibly badass qualities — if I do say so myself — but this type also has its struggles, shadows, and unhealthy tendencies with which they must tend. Every personality type has to strive for balance in specific ways so they can experience a life that feels full, meaningful, and connected to a purpose — in a healthy way. Here are some ways sevens can work to get to that place.

Embrace Alone Time

Sevens are sensory seekers and feed off the energy of external stimuli. The problem is, this can become addictive and make it challenging for this type to find solace in themselves. Type 7 should work to become cozy with “Me Time,” and make it a regular habit. And I’m not talking about going to a movie or the mall alone; this time is meant to foster your connection back to yourself, spend time with your thoughts, journal, meditate. Create a quiet space for yourself to exist without the input of the outside world so you can commune with your spirit.

Purge A Closet

Sevens love them some options! In the physical form this manifests as clothes, shoes, books, products, and so on, occupying a good portion of their living space. This type is a consumer of happiness and when they see a shiny object that makes them feel happy, they must have it. But in order to develop a deep feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction —to counter their typical restlessness — sevens need to build up their power of appreciation.

Start with a closet. Pare down your clothing to items you really love and feel good wearing, then intentionally express appreciation for those jeans when you put them on. Resist the urge to go buy new stuff for at least two weeks (this also helps to quell the impulsive nature of Type 7). Once you’ve mastered a more minimal wardrobe you can move on to using this system for the rest of your belongings.

Be Grateful In The Present

This practice is a two-fer, because you address two challenges for sevens with one habit. Type 7 is notorious for having one foot in the future, whether it’s planning or daydreaming. While this isn’t inherently bad, when not kept in check, this behavior causes sevens to be ungrounded and loose out on the fabulosity happening in the present moment. To avoid spending too much time in the vortex of a brighter tomorrow, I ground myself with what’s around me in the present moment.

I am best about practicing this when I am driving. I look around my car and notice things that I am thankful for and name each one: air conditioning that works, power windows, air bags, music. Then I can look outside and extract some gratitude for what I am gazing upon: rolling hills, sunny skies, human life buzzing around me. It all brings me into the present moment and helps me feel centered and connected to where I actually am in time and space. You can also do this in your bedroom, and office, or even while waiting in line at the grocery store.

This little game also boosts my appreciation for what is happening in the present moment, which can be difficult for sevens since they are attracted to anticipating what next thing will bring them the feelings they desire. The more sevens can learn to be thankful for all the wonder and beauty that’s available to them in the present, the less dissatisfied and frustrated they will feel with their current situation. It shifts their perspective from I’ll be happy when I get X or when X happens, to, I have so much to be happy about right now.

Honor All Your Commitments

Type 7 will go to great lengths to avoid boredom, because sevens take the saying, “Bored to death,” as literal truth. Boredom can feel like a death sentence to this type because they thrive on spontaneity, variety, and high energy. Which is why sevens feel the urge to bail on Plan #1 sweep over their body when a more delicious Plan #2 is presented to them. The proverbial dangling carrot is always more ripe and delicious than the sad old piece of root veg you’re currently holding in your hand.

This urge can lead sevens to break commitments — especially to themselves. Do you know how many times I promise myself I am going to do something that will substantially contribute to my life and then abandon that intention because something that sounds more interesting comes to mind? I tell myself I am going to workout but decide to accept an invitation to meet a friend for coffee instead. I make a date with myself to meal plan for the week but end up binge watching television for three hours. I say, “Today is the day I get serious about organizing that women’s retreat I’ve been talking about for five years” and then I read 600 reviews for mini face steamer kits. What in the actual what? Reviews of mini face steamer kits are not even interesting!

Deep down my seven-self knows if I start something, there’s going to be a need to finish it and aborting mission feels easier and less boring then following through. But there is a small, wise part of me that always feels let down when I don’t honor the commitments I makes to myself, sometimes even worse than when I back out of commitments to others.

So for one week, make it your mission to honor all the commitments you make to yourself. From something as small as flossing your teeth to the big ones like exercise and nutrition. Don’t fear the perceived boredom you think accompanies these tasks. Push on regardless and feel the satisfaction of holding yourself in high enough regard to keep your word.

Learning to accept the ebb and flow of life and its broad spectrum of emotions is a lifelong lesson for a seven. It takes work to create the balance that’s necessary for a life that goes deeper than one thrilling experience after the next. Sevens believe they’ll be deprived and unhappy if they don’t stuff their existence full of everything fantastic, but they often find that this mentality only keeps them chasing unicorns. To really dig their heels into the juicy nectar of being on this planet, sevens must allow the pendulum to rest in the middle and realize that instead of boredom killing them, it might actually teach them something.