The Benefits of Encouraging Others


A few years ago I challenged myself to encourage one person a day for a whole week. That week became a month of encouraging that changed my perception about the ways love can be shared. This challenge put the act of encouragement on my radar and brought to my attention the power of this simple act. Over the years, I've worked to cultivate this action into a habit and never tire of the wonderful outcomes it brings. 

Encouragement is so much more than just saying to someone, "you can do it!" True and honest encouragement is more refined. The more specific you can be, the more meaningful the act will be for the person on the receiving end. You can easily accomplish this with considerate thought and observation. Notice something your friend does that always makes you smile? Tell her. Realize your neighbor has been stressed to the max for the past week? Offer to watch her kids for an hour and encourage her to take some alone time. The more your encouragement speaks to that particular person, the more impact it will have.   

To kickstart your encouragement revolution, you can download this guide I've created for your own One Week Encouragement Challenge. One idea for each day of the week to get your encouraging wheels turning. Because once you start to spread love to others in this way, you'll begin to recognize all the warm fuzzy benefits that come with it. 

You Help Others Feel Seen and Heard

When you point out something incredible you notice about another person, they light up. Even if it's not a quality or trait they actively see in themselves, learning that you see them in this particular way nudges them to tap into this part of themselves. It's like putting on a new pair of snazzy jeans and suddenly feeling like you can start a rock band. Few things are more affirming than feeling seen and heard as your true self.  

It Creates A Ripple Affect

The act of encouragement is contagious. As you pass on this juicy love to your circle, they will feel inspired to do the same. And the circle of encouraging becomes wider, making everyone feel awesome about who they are and what they bring to the world.  

You Enjoy The Good Feels

I love the full body buzz I get when I help other people feel good. I used to think there was something wrong with this, like it made me selfish to feel good about spreading love and happiness. But the truth is, the more we can all feel good, the better! Think of how magnificent the world would be if everyone was walking around feeling happy because they are encouraged by others. 

You don't need any fancy skills to be an A-game encourager, I challenge you to try it for one week and see how naturally it flows from you. Again, here's the link to the download for your convenience. Now get out there and make someone's day.