Ask Yourself These Questions & Level-Up Your Life

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One of the best habits you can develop to fast track your clarity and raise your awareness is to ask yourself specific questions throughout the day. You can bookend your day by using one set of questions when you rise and shine and another group of Q’s when you’re snug in your jam-jams. If you’re part of the overachiever set, you can also slide some questions in during the transition times throughout your day. Which means after you walk the dog, drop off the (actual) kids, or “drop off the at the pool,” you can take a hot minute to check in with your questions.

Asking questions in the AM allows you to be forward-thinking, creating the tone and intentions for the hours ahead. On the other hand, bedtime Q & A is the perfect time to reflect on how life went and see what you’d like to add, subtract, or tweak for tomorrow.

Using this practice will make you more mindful, help you discover what you value most, and see how your actions are lining up (or not) with your desires and intentions. Ultimately, the more you do this, you will be able to create and choose questions that really resonate with where you are in life.

I’ve created a question bank (below) that you can pick and choose from. Start slowly and go with the first three that really echo back meaning to you. Try a few on for size and see what you think — you can always come back and pick different ones.

Questions For The Morning:

How do I want to show up to life today?
What type of mood do I want to experience?
What is my main goal for today?
What action step can I take to come closer to reaching my goal(s)?
What positive thing can I shift my focus to today?
What can I release today?
What am I grateful for?
Who can I encourage today?
Who can I forgive today?
How can I be more present today?
How can I pour into my loved ones today?
Where can I be useful today?
What good things can I invite into my life?
How can I love myself more today?
What are my intentions for today?
What can I create today?

Questions For The Nighttime:

How did my day go?
What did I like best about my day?
What can I do differently tomorrow?
What moments felt the best?
What can I let go of from today?
What surprised me about today?
Who was important in my day today?
How aligned with my morning questions do I feel now?
Which moments am I the most grateful for today?
Which moments do I need to leave in the past?
What kind of sleep do I wish to have tonight?
How do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning?
What do I want to dream about?

An important element to remember when asking yourself these questions is honesty! You need to answer these questions truthfully in order for them to work their magical powers of transformation. When you resist being honest with yourself, you block the very lessons and inner wisdom that will help more you forward in life. No one is going to hear or see your answers, so make a deal with yourself to keep it real in the answer department.

Try asking yourself questions for a week and see how it starts to influence your life.