Ways To Meditate (Other Than Sitting With Your Eyes Closed)

ways to meditate

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned zen master, staying open to different ways to meditate opens you up to opportunities to find what works best for you. Not everyone wants to sit still for 10 minutes staring at the back or their eyelids — so let's give a great big "OM" to the fact that there's more than one way to get your 'tate on. 

In fact, the word meditate means to focus your attention on one thing, which leaves a lot of room to play with how you decide soak up all those juicy gobs of inner peace. No one ever said meditation has to look the same for every person (well, someone may have said that at some point, but they were probably having a bad day and just needed to meditate!), so go wild with your customization. Just be sure to keep the core intention of meditation in mind: focusing on just one thing. Because doing that is how you get to the treasure chest of peacefulness, joy, and clear energy. Need some ideas to get started? Try these. 


Ever felt prompted to take a walk because you needed to clear your head? That's because it works! When using a stroll as meditation be sure to venture out solo. Walking with a friend is fun but will take away from all the vibes you're looking for in a meditative walk. Listen to calming music  — or nothing at all — and just allow your mind to wander. 

Spend Time In Nature

Frolicking in the great outdoors does more than amp up your vitamin D levels, it can leave you feeling as if you've taken a mini-retreat to restore your soul. As Harvard Health explained, not only does spending time in nature boost your mood, but it also helps you concentrate and has healing effects on the body. 

Eat Without Tech

It's easy to scroll and swipe while scarfing a sandwich, but the next time you find yourself dining alone resist the urge to screen stare. Allow yourself to simply enjoy your food. Give your mind permission to play or rest or whatever it needs. Let the thoughts run wild and see what pops up.


Transplanting your thoughts from your head to paper can be very cathartic. And with that catharsis comes clarity and calm. Spending just 10 minutes writing about whatever's on your mind can lighten your load and give you the release you've been craving. 

Use Your Hands

As The New York Times reported, "the repetitive action of needlework can induce a relaxed state like that associated with meditation." But you don't need to make an afghan to fall into the lull of the relaxation response. Try doing a puzzle, coloring, needlepoint, or yoga to find your happy place. 


Find your own space to be alone, then turn on some tunes and let your body move. With no one watching you are free to let your body flow in an organic way, doing what feels best. 

Meditation is all about giving back to yourself by allowing your mind to slow down from the fast pace it's used to keeping. Discovering the method that best suits your personality and lifestyle means you will get the most out of the experience. Keep trying new ways and see what sticks.