4 Benefits Of Alone Time

aloen time

As an only child, I'm no stranger to alone time. Without the built-in playmates of siblings, I spent endless days playing by myself in my bedroom, making one-sided conversation with my stuffed animals. Although solitude was part of my regular life, it was something I couldn't make total peace with — I desired companionship more often than not. As I gained more freedom in my teen years, I made it my mission to be alone as little as possible, a mindset that carried well into my early adulthood. It wasn't until after college graduation, when my friend group dispersed itself to various locations, that I was forced back into a quiet bedroom (this time my apartment) to spend time in solitude and discover the benefits of alone time. These goodies are soul medicine for me and can work the same mojo for you. 

Fosters Deep Thinking

Ever feel indecisive and scattered? It could be due to your lack of alone time. As Psychology Today pointed out, when you don't make time for deep thought, your ability to be productive and think creatively takes a nosedive. Spending time by yourself creates an environment in which you can allow yourself to think without distraction.  

It Recharges Your Batteries

Even the most hardcore extrovert needs a little down time. Taking a break from the social scene can be the perfect medicine for fatigue, stress, and mental burnout. In this case, embrace solitude for the blissful magic it can provide and don't put pressure on yourself to do anything — just chill with a movie or a book or a juicy nap.  

You Get To Know Yourself Better

It's easy to be pulled into group mentality when you spend a ton of time around other people, so to stay in touch with your authentic self, schedule plenty of solo time. Having regular alone time gives you the opportunity to tune in with your inner voice and pinpoint your unique thoughts, ideas, and dreams. 

It Shifts Your Perspective

One reason some people are uncomfortable with being alone or doing things by themselves is because they worry it will be boring. But the more time you log as a party of one, you'll start to see how meaning, energy, and — yes! — fun alone time has to offer. And realizing that you can have a rocking good time with no one else's company is a very empowering perspective.