Zen Renegade

We all come to inner peace in different ways: faith, meditation, binge watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s not about hitting the target, it’s about soaring like an arrow, right? I’m not sure exactly what that means, I just heard it once in yoga and thought it sounded cool. But if I’m understanding the metaphor correctly, it means tenacity is more valuable than sticking a bullseye. What I’m getting at here is you don’t have to be zen AF all day, every day. The point is to keep on seeking that koombaya sweet spot so your soul can do more happy dances than hungover walks of shame.

My approach to getting my yin right with my yang doesn’t follow all the rules. In fact, the only rule I apply to my process is to do what feels right and good and authentic. This leads to a more unorthodox road, since I am a little bit namaste and little bit hey girl, heeeey! Good news — those two can hold hands and be besties even though they appear oppositional. I happen to know I’m not the only one who seeks the peace vibes while also wanting to drink champagne and drop it low on the dancefloor. I can’t be all tree pose and essential oils all the damn time. Some of us are Zen Renegades.





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