Changing Your Story With 2 Words

August 3
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Below is a guest post from my inspiring friend, Maria. She reached out to me with this story, eager to share…how could I disagree? I am a strong believer in sharing our stories and truths with one another and am thrilled that I have this platform for other to share their heart. Email me if you have a story you would like to share on this blog. 

I was craving a new and different way to move my body. I craved a new challenge. I decided to make a bold move in my life: quit the gym and take up yoga. After embarking on a month long yoga practice – as with most new and challenges – I learned.

Right on my mat, I had an epiphany.

I was in the middle of a twisted chair pose; in a squatted position, leaned over twisting my upper body completely to the left. My right elbow is locked outside of the left knee. My belly fat is pushing into my chest constricting my breathing. Beads of sweat are dripping from my face. I feel fat and defeated and hot and tired. It’s hard to take a breath. Thats when Val, my wise yogi teacher says, “You are not the story you are telling yourself! BREATH!”

In these moments, when physically you have nothing more to give, when you can do nothing but take your next breath, your mind becomes very clear. It was in that clarity and awareness that it hit me: we become that story we tell ourselves.

We share that story with others. Those stories always begin with “I am.” Every time you say those words, even to yourself, you are defining who you are. “I am too fat. I am divorced. I am old. I am a failure. I am not pretty enough. I am so stupid.”
These words define us. It was right there on my mat that I decided to change my story. While blinding sweat poured into my eyes and a deep breath seemed impossible, I said “I AM POWERFUL.” I instantly changed my story from defeat to victory. Those words went deep into my psyche and I sunk a little deeper into that twist.
We are not the stories that we tell ourselves. Our physical bodies, our past, our current situations cannot possibly define us. What lies inside us is always, always good. That light inside of you is bright! When you define yourself, remember that! If you defeat yourself, change it. Say it out loud!

“I am stressed,” becomes “I feel stressed, but I am strong.” “I am divorced,” becomes “I am starting a new chapter in my life.” “I am a victim,” becomes, “I am a survivor.”

Change your story.
I am strong.
I am learning.
I am happy.

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