Challenge Accepted: My Deepest Secrets Revealed

February 3
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Do y’all know Yvette?
She blogs about lifestyle/fashion/home/handmade at Aqua Seventy6. AND she also happens to be a really good friend of mine. Well, she challenged me to do a “Getting To Know Me” post based on one she did on her blog. I accepted.

If you are just getting to know me, you should learn that I like to put my own little glitter sparkle of Autumn on things. If you already know me you are either nodding your head or rolling your eyes. That being said, I am not sticking to all of the exact questions from Yvette’s post,  the soul reason being I didn’t feel like you would really get to know much about me from some of them. Also, since the majority of my readership already knows me, I thought why not try to break them off a little sumthin’ sumthin’ new that they may not know about me.

1. The last book I read was, A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Flannery O’Connor. Holy rock my world. She was a visionary but lived a very solitary adulthood. She died at 39. I turn 39 in 7 days.

2. When I was in high school I started a Quote Book, where I would jot down song lyrics and quotes that moved me. The actual book is a Precious Moments journal and I still keep it by my bed. When I am feeling down, I flip through the pages and find comfort in the purple inked flourishes of giant cursive handwriting. I love how words can do that to me. And I love that the same words that struck a chord in me 20 years ago still make me cry today.

3. I used to collect Precious Moments. Also, rabbits. Not the actual animal; rabbit figurines, stuffed rabbits, shirts with rabbits…you get the picture. Until one day I was like, dammit people! Can someone please buy me a Hypercolor shirt or some Exclamation perfume? I am up to my eyes balls in Precious Moments and rabbits made of sand and blown glass! In hindsight I should have told my family I would like to start collecting cash.

4. The first thing I “wanted to be” when I grew up was a gypsy. I had not been made aware of the occupational hazards one incurs when they choose Professional Gypsy as a trade, but instead was really drawn to the flowy skirts, head scarves and dancing around with jingle bell anklets. So I was basing my future career on having rad accessories.

5. The next thing I remember wanting to be was a ballerina, although I had never taken ballet and I thought it looked boring. But that’s what other little girls my age said and that answer received more praise than did gypsying. That was the first time I learned in order to fit in, I might have to compromise myself in some form or fashion. It was the first time I learned fitting in could feel simultaneously good and sad.

6. I suffer from a rare form of narcolepsy that has yet to be discovered and therefore cannot be diagnosed. But trust me – it exists! If you don’t believe me, ask my witnesses. The condition strikes most commonly on longish to long car rides, but is most prevalent in the love triangle that is me, wine and a warm cozy chair. If any medical professionals would like to make a name for themselves, start conducting research on this one!

7. I have a fear that I am not as funny as I used to be. Over the years I have become way more inhibited than I used to be, which makes me hyperaware and less likely to do or say something outlandish. I have a few theories about why.  1. I was worried no one would take me seriously if I was always being a goofball. 2. I became more comfortable with my vulnerable side. 3. Being an adult meant I had to be more serious.

8. At the end of my shower, I turn the water real hot and stand there for one more minute. I call it my Moment of Zen.

9. When I was in the 6th grade I got into a (physical) fight with a girl down the street*. She threw a football at my head. I ducked and the ball missed me. I picked it up off the driveway and slammed it into her face. Blood immediately started flowing from her nose. She wailed in pain. Her sister yelled, “You BITCH!” as they both ran into their house. I replied, “Well, you made me break a nail!” I think this would make a great scene in Bring It On 5: That Bitch Broke A Nail!

10. I grew up going to summer camp and when I was in college I worked at the same summer camp. Those experiences shaped and informed a massive part of who I am. If you have ever been part of a camping program, you already know, there is a magical bungee chord that always pulls a piece of you in that direction. You can never outstretch its tether. Camp is one of the great loves of my life and a place I am deeply grateful for having.

So now comes the part when I am supposed to challenge someone else to post about themselves. Funny thing…I’m fresh outta bloggy pals.
How about this?

Please, in whatever way you can, share part of yourself with me/us!
Post something on Facebook about yourself that we may not know and tag me (because I want to know!)
Or email me at with your list.
Click on Yvette’s blog and see the original questions and go from there.

*Just wanted to say that the young lady whom I was in my one and only (physical) fight with is actually a lovely person. We were both just having a really bad day. 


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