Top 10 Things I Hope Are Over In 2015

January 14
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10. Excessive beards. (Lumbersexual was 2014.)

9.  Overalls making a comeback (for people other than farmers and painters).

8. Overworked, tiny portioned, randomly paired charcuterie. (Just bring me some hummus!)

7. Katy Perry.

6. Posts on Facebook giving you the play by play of how much someone has accomplished in their day. (We get it, you have no fun ever. And we feel sorry for you. But at the same time we don’t care.)

5. Posts on Facebook that are extremely vague – yet at the same time a battle cry – that the author refuses to elaborate on when commenters ask, “what?/how?/why?” claiming they are a private person and need their privacy to be respected. (You are on a public forum.)

4. Movies about dystopian society’s hope resting in the palm of teenagers. (Enough’s enough, people.)

3. America’s Got Talent. (Where do they go from there? It’s too sad.)

2. Burlap. (I beg you. It’s too much.)

1. Chevron. (see: burlap)

Disclaimer: There are things that I care a great deal more about and wish could be over this year: genocide, terror attacks, gender inequality, school shootings, starving children, homophobia, racism. But this list is merely pop culture references because this blog is not my space to get political – I try to keeps it light, y’all. You can run tell that. 

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