The Recovering Procrastinator’s Credo

November 17
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The Recovering Procrastinator’s Credo

I, do hereby swear, to use my time efficiently.
Focusing on one task until it is complete.
Creating a list and sticking to it.
Right after I check my email.

I vow to arrive places on time.
Starting my shower with plenty of time to spare.
Keeping watch of the clock as I get ready.
Reading a few articles in this magazine won’t take long, I have plenty of time to fit that in before I leave.

I give my solemn promise to return phone calls.
All of the names and numbers are programmed into my phone.
With a simple push of a button, I can complete this call.
And I am totally going to do that right after I eat 3 or 4 cookies. It’s only logical that I will be a better conversationalist after a few cookies.

I offer an oath of productivity in my daily tasks.
Checking items off a to-do list.
Prioritizing tasks and seeing them through.
But before I get too crazy with all of that, I am going to see if anyone has posted a hilarious video on their timeline. Also, I need to watch a few shows from my DVR so I can delete them and then I am going to jump right on that list.

And I will begin all this next Monday! A fresh start. That should give me enough time to prepare.
Yes, indeed. This is happening.
Soon. Soon-ish.

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