Fails and Laughs of Late

November 3
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Here are a few fails and laughs of late from my life. Enjoy!

Thinking, “Hey! I know…I’m going to save the gift bags from my son’s birthday party and reuse them. I am such a good recycling citizen. Mother Earth, I’ve got your back!” Then, when retrieving one of the gently used bags from their secret hiding place, I discover all but one bag has been used as a practice sheet for writing kindergarten site words. In Sharpie.

Not keeping Sharpie markers in a locked cabinet.

Keeping a calendar with improper dates for events I am attending.
Yes, this Saturday morning I woke early so I could bathe and be ready in time for a baby shower starting at 11:00am. The shower, in my defense, does begin at 11:00am; it’s just that the date of the shower is November 16, not November 1. The correct date is a good thing to keep straight. Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened to me and I fear it will not be the last.

Buying $20 items that can be made for $2.
My Saturday morning suddenly opened up, so my mother and I decided to go shopping. Which is awesome, because we are not able to have outings together that often. What is the opposite of awesome is that my mother will look at something I am considering purchasing and say, “TWENTY DOLLARS?! This is no more than $2 worth of fabric! You could make this.” In her defense, this is a totally true statement. However, another true statement is, I do not have infinite time, skills and access to $2 fabric. I am perfectly happy to pay $20 for that lovely scarf that someone else made. She has done this my whole life, yet every time I feel terribly greedy and lazy about paying the $18 difference. She means to help me and wants me to join in her outrage – stick it to the man and make my own lovely scarf! These are the amazing things she is capable of doing and does all the time to better spend her money. But I feel very at peace about being greedy and lazy.

Not rolling with jokes about my name.
This time of year, people become hyper aware of my name and say things like:
      Hey, Autumn! It’s your time of year!
      Did you bring this cold weather, Autumn?
      Autumn? It’s Fall!
      Happy Autumn, Autumn!

I usually just respond with a fake laugh and walk away. After 38 years of these “jokes,” I am too exhausted to have a jovial response.

I updated my About Me page. It feels so much more like me.*sigh of relief*
Every day we are evolving.

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