Things That Are Fun: Ugly Furniture

August 18
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Good news! After 2 years of begging and pleading, I am finally getting rid of the world’s largest napkin (aka my living room sofa) and a brand spankin’ new clean and shiny sofa is making it’s way into my life. Can I get a what, what?!

First, I have to say that shopping for furniture with kids should be one of the challenges on Survivor, because during that task you truly feel like you are fighting for your life. The worst part is that you must go to multiple stores and EVERY SINGLE TIME you say the same things:

“Don’t jump on the bed!”
“Take your feet off the chair!”
“Slow down!”
“Do not lick the pillows!”
“Stop shoving your bother’s face into that bean bag!”

So the misery repeats itself until you find just the right piece of furniture.

…and we did.I love my new sofa! I was trying to describe it to a friend and used a word you should never, EVER use when painting a picture of your new sofa: denim. The word I was looking for was “canvas.” I could not seem to find the word in the moment, but trust me, it’s canvas fabric.

Because I know you were thinking it was this:

or this…


And while both of these bad boys are glorious in their own way, they just don’t – ah-hem – fit in with my design plan.

If you haven’t already, please watch the video at the top of this post. The commentary is brilliant and I cannot stop laughing about “fish eggs in a tear drop.”

Happy Monday, y’all!



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