Backseat Convos

July 30


Before ^this^ happened, this happened:

P: Who is your favorite famous singer that’s a girl?
E: Andy Velo.
P: Andy Velo is a boy! I said girl.
E: Well, he’s my favorite and he’s very famous.
P: What about Taylor Swiff?
E: Who is Taylor Smith?
P: Taylor SwiFF, not Taylor Smith.
E: Well, who is that?
P: I don’t really know. (pause) So who is your favorite famous singer who is a boy?
E: Andy Velo. I already told you.
P: Oh yeah. I thought you might say Justin Beaver. 
E: Do you like Justin Beaver?
P: Maybe? A little.
E: Do you like him before or after he went to jail?
P: Just Beaver went to jail?!
E: Yep. He went to jail for breaking the law.
P: Mom, why did Justin Beaver go to jail?
Me: For breaking the law.
P: What law did he break?
Me: Uuuuhhhhhh….ummmm…smoking cigarettes, I think?
E: That means Uncle Joey is going to jail! I saw him smoking a cigarette right on Grandpa’s lake!
Me: Welllll…Uncle Joey is a grown up and Justin BIEBER is not, really, so it’s kinda different. Let’s just say it’s not healthy to smoke cigarettes and sometimes people can go to jail for making bad choices, so don’t do either.
P: Man. I did not know that. 


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  1. Emily

    July 31

    hahaha!!!!! This is the BEST!

    • Autumn

      August 1

      Yea! You can comment now, Emily!

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