Road Trip Fail

July 10
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Quick tip on traveling: know how to properly address the man with the “homeless and hungry” sign on the side of the road.

You may recall that previous experiences have caused me to be a little gun shy when giving food to randoms, but this time was different. For one, it was smack dab in the middle of the day and for two, this guy did not appear to be a meth addict or have an urgent need to get to the hospital. However, my biggest advantage was that I was in a car and able to make a speedy escape if necessary.

Regardless, the man was there with his sign and I had extra food in the car so it seemed like the right thing to do. But just as I was rolling down the window to hold the bag out for him to see, the car behind me was already handing him some sort of the same. He walked back to the shade on the sidewalk and begin to eat.

Jeff was encouraging me saying to still give him ours, we didn’t need it and he did. So I look over at the small pack of people sitting under the tree. I try to wave my arm a little and get his attention but he is really enjoying those fries and doesn’t see me. So I look at the two guys near him and say, “Excuse me? Excuse me…” and point to the guy next to them chowing on the fries while they chow on nothing. They looked at me like I was some sort of devil woman and did not get the attention of the other fellow.

I panicked and rolled up the window, staring straight ahead.

So friends, if you would like to help the hungry man you need to have a plan. Perhaps shouting, “HEY!” or “I have more food” is not as rude as it may seem in the moment. This may be the time and place where manners do not matter.

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