Things That Are Fun: Listening to your fave song on repeat.

June 23
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Listening to the same song on repeat is fun and super efficient at helping you quickly memorize lyrics.

I used to sit on my bedroom floor with my pink boom box, rewinding “Nasty Boys” by Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty , for hours. The secret to getting the cassette back to exactly the beginning of the song was to pull you finger off the rewind button the exact second you heard the small pause in rewound gibberish. Worked like a charm every time. In this regard, let us have a moment of silence for the invention of the CD, which allowed us to easily listen to the same song 100 times. (*silence*)

The video above is a song called, “Wish I Didn’t Miss You Anymore,” by Angie Stone. This song takes the win for song that went on repeat the most for approximately 2 weeks straight. My girlfriend and I were both single at the time and this song made us think of the boys who broke our hearts. The only way to get over them was to listen to this song 4,000 times, sing along very loudly and create choreography. This method for moving on past a breakup is as proven as the perfect rewind method above.

Listening to your a favorite song over and over is fun. Why listen once when you can listen infinity times? If you are thinking about clicking on the video and jamming with Angie, do it! This song is fab and is just 4 minutes long. If you don’t have that kind of time, PLEASE spare 30 seconds to watch the opening commercial for Mariah’s new album. It is so awesomely terrible, you will get a chuckle! And chuckling is fun too.


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