How To Practice Fun

June 16
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Ever feel like you need to add a little more fun to your days? Here is one reason that could be: we don’t take the time to simply stop and think about our fun. Sometimes we need reminders for adding fun to our daily life. Practicing fun each day will make it feel like a natural part of our routine and, over time, we will begin to feel less stressed and more happy. Winning!

I have been working on a few side projects (away from the blog) revolving around fun and I want to share with you two simple ways I have discovered to create more fun in your life.

The first is to craft a personal fun mantra. A statement you can say to yourself at least once, preferably in the morning, or repeat to yourself throughout the day. Mantras are concise and framed in the positive. For example:

(Bad Mantra)”I am not lazy.”
(Good Mantra) “I am productive.”

See what I did there? Keep it positive!

I will share with you my personal Fun Mantra. Feel free to use it as your own or create one that suits you better.
This is what I say each morning as I take my first sip of coffee:

“This life is full of fun.”

I decided that since drinking coffee is one of the first things I do every morning, this would be a good time to remember to say my mantra. I will say it multiple times in my head along with some of my other mantras in order to get my day started right. I also have a small reminder stuck to the top of my computer, as seen here.

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The second step is more pragmatic. You need to make a decision about what the fun will be today as well as when and where it will happen. In other words, schedule it in. This is what I do after I repeat my mantras, I schedule my fun. Usually it’s just a mental note, but I will tell myself that for at least 10 minutes I am going to do something that is fun for me. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably already know that means some sort of dance party.

Practicing fun, as I call it, may feel forced at first but once you get into the groove it will come naturally. Try it this week. Stick a note in a spot you will see every day and as soon as you lay eyes on that note, do it! Don’t wait. It only takes 1-2 minutes.

Please share your fun mantra with us! Leave it here in the comments or on the Fun Life * Happy Life  Facebook or Twitter with #funmantra.

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