Why You Need A Summer Card

May 29
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We are 7 days deep into summer vacation and I officially cracked this morning. I’m not quite sure if it was hearing “mommy” for the 1,300th time or the fact that all 3 toilets in my house smell like horse stalls, but something killed my beginning of summer buzz. Is it possible we used up all our good summer mojo week one? Are my children destined to be rolling around the floor lamenting there is “nothing to do” for the next 2 months?

Before school ended I decided I was going to cut myself a little slack this summer. I fully embrace the long, lazy days of no rushing around; going to the pool, meeting up with friends, embarking on day trips. Which is exactly why I gave myself a Summer Card with permission to swipe it as much as I like.

Cook dinner?
SWIPE: Warm up chicken nuggets for the 5th time this week.

Clean house?
SWIPE: Why bother? It’s going to be a mess tomorrow anyway

Grocery shop?
SWIPITY SWIPE: We’re all out of chicken nuggets?! That’s why there is pizza delivery.

But my biggest goal this summer has been to convince my children that a swim in the pool equals a bath. This will allow me to implement the pajamas to swimsuit to pajamas rotation, therefore eliminating the need to for proper clothes and extra laundry. SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE! 

If swiping the Summer Card were an olympic sport, I plan take the gold in 2014. I need a piece of sanity hiding in my pocket that I can whip out on a random Wednesday afternoon. Because when a mama’s June, July and August look like this…

Shaving Washing and drying pool towels Buying juice pou snacks and popsicles. Keeping track of whose turn it is tIoShaving

there is limited time for things like organic snacks, well balanced meals, clean clothes and organized closets. It is plain to see from this incredible pie chart how my time is divided. Can I please get a witness on how many hours of your life you spend shaving in the summer? I spend a small fortune on razors. And don’t even get me started on the juice pouches. We have a minimum of 200 plastic straw wrappers haunting our garage floor. I swear they are reproducing over night. This is exactly why I pulled out the summer card today and SWIPE: no more juice pouches.

I want you to know it’s OK to give yourself a pass. You do not have to keep up unrealistic standards. Mamas and Papas of summer: you deserve some fun too! Do not berate yourself when things go undone because you spent all afternoon at the pool. Do not feel stressed when the bedrooms look like shanty towns from long days of play.

Let it be.
Swipe your card.

You’ll thank yourself in fall.


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