Fun Friday

May 23
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 photo e36fc610-d018-40d1-8317-c85f183becf1_zps55187c4e.jpg Our Friday tradition. Being mindful, at least once this week, of the presence of fun in our life.

Fun Friday, May 23, 2014: Do something you liked as a child.

Ever notice the ultimate fun-havers tend to be children? They can turn a cardboard box into a carnival and have hours of fun with a single roll of tape. Chances are, we all had a good amount of fun as a kid and some of that old carefree juice is still traveling through our veins.

So today: drift on a swing, create with crayons, roll out a play dough snake, build a lego village. Reconnect with something that was fun to you when you were a small fry. You may be surprised how relaxed and free it makes you feel.

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