More Bad Ideas, Part 2

May 21
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Going to Midnight Madness at the outlets on Black Friday.

It must have been the promise of deals and bargains and Christmas bustle playing games with my mind, because at the time this seemed like a really great idea. So good, in fact, that I convinced my friend, Kim, she should come along! So we set out at 11:00PM to be there when the doors opened at midnight. As our journey began, there were signs.

The first sign was it took us one hour to get from the 1 mile marker for the exit to the actual exit.
Sign #2 was it took another hour to get from the exit to the outlets.

But we didn’t follow the signs. We forged head-on into the mass of shoppers, giddy with a retail high.

After waiting in a long line to refuel with some coffee, we made our way through the maze of stores and people. There were some good scores that night: high heeled boots, jeans, toys, cozy sweaters. It appeared the purchases were worth all that waiting in traffic!

We load all our packages in my car and…nothing. The car won’t start. The battery is dead. I literally start banging my head on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, this does not make my car start running. I can’t call my husband because he is an hour away with the babies and it’s 4:00AM. Plus I have the car seats with me. (Of course.) Kim’s husband is not answering his phone. So that leaves my parents. We wait an hour, because when you are in your 30’s and have to call your parents to come rescue you from an outlet mall parking lot, you want to do them the smallest courtesy of calling as close to daybreak as possible.

My wonderful parents drive two hours and save the day! They then join Kim and I for a lovely breakfast in the Food Court.
Not long after this I discovered online shopping.
Problem solved.

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