Fun Friday

May 16
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 photo e36fc610-d018-40d1-8317-c85f183becf1_zps55187c4e.jpg Our Friday tradition. Being mindful, at least once this week, of the presence of fun in our life.

This week’s Fun Friday: make something “just like Mom used to make.”

Dust off one of your mom’s (or aunt’s or grandmother’s) recipes and make an old favorite this weekend.
I doesn’t have to be elaborate or from scratch, it just needs to evoke some yummy childhood memories.

We are having some friends over for brunch this Sunday and I am busting out my mom’s homemade biscuit recipe. This will be my first attempt at a family favorite. My mother wakes up before the sun to prepare biscuits for my kids when she visits – and when we visit her! They will always remember their “Vivi” having warm biscuits and honey waiting for them when they come down the stairs. As a matter of fact, usually one of the first questions they ask when she arrives is, “will you make us biscuits?”

So dig into your archives and find a beloved recipe to enjoy this weekend. Sit down and eat it slow. Savor and remember.

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