How To Use Fun To Solve A Problem

May 14
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Did you know my husband once turned a chair into a closet?

It’s true!

He didn’t use hammer and nails. He didn’t use buckets or pails.
He didn’t use magic spells. He didn’t use whistles or bells.

He just tossed everything he wore onto the chair when he took it off. And it stayed there, even though there is a perfectly good closet within walking distance. I mean, just a short jaunt away. But something about that chair seemed to scream to him “put your dirty clothes on me and whatever you do- DON’T STOP! Keep piling them up until you can’t see me underneath.” And so my husband obeyed the call of the chair and did not stop. Even though I asked nicely, asked not nicely and begged for him to use the closet…he did not stop.

So I decided instead of nagging, I should have a little fun with him.

I stuck a post it note to the top of the clothes mound that hid a lovely chair.
The note said:

“Dear Jeff,

We miss our friends and family in the closet.
It is our home.
Please take us back to our loved ones.


Your Clothes”

Problem solved.
His clothes lived happily ever after in the comfort of a proper closet. Leaving my lovely chair available for me to sit and read.

Approaching a frustrating situation with a fun attitude can change the dynamic. No one likes to be nagged, but some creative encouragement may be more welcomed that you would expect.

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