Why “IT” Is Not So Urgent

May 12
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Can I get an AMEN for getting both children to school on time?

I know, plenty of peeps get their children to multiple schools on time, 5 days a week. Possibly even with a smile on their face and a cup of hot coffee in their hand. They may not feel rushed or scattered in the morning. That’s fantastic for them, it really is! Because my guess is their shitstorm probably comes at or around bed time. My kids go to bed like champs…because the life has to throw you a bone somewhere. Perhaps there are people who have easy morning, easy bath time, easy bed time. Is that possible? Does this mom exist? If yes, she is probably the secret president of Oprah’s private underworld and I want her to adopt me.

Because school mornings have been a struggle for me this year. Making sure two kids make it to two different schools before tardy slips and dirty looks has taken me almost an entire school year to master. But this morning I actually did it. And I do realize that it is the last full week of school. But still…YAY!

This is a big deal. School mornings are hectic. I doesn’t seem to matter that I have made the lunches the night before or that we have awoke in plenty of time, there is always a frantic energy in the air during those last 10 minutes before go time. I am seriously considering paying someone to wire my entire house with speakers in every room just so I can have a looping tape of my voice saying, “PUT YOUR SHOES ON. On  your feet. Shoes. Feet. DO IT.”

Even once we are in the car we are still racing the clock. (And just because we are in the car doesn’t mean their shoes are on!) One morning I found myself lecturing my kindergartener on tardy slips and being timely the entire ride to school. Ugh. Gross. After I dropped him off, I felt so distraught. I was disappointed I had spent those last few minutes of our morning together spewing my frustrations at him. I talked to a friend about it and what she said changed my mornings.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

That was her simple, applicable advice.

The worst thing that could happen if we are late to elementary school is: I park my car, we walk inside and I sign him in late. He gets a tardy slip and that’s that. Everybody lives! The sun still rises and sets that day. The worst that could happen if I am late to preschool is: I get the stank eye from the teacher and director. And again, everybody lives!

This applies to all those things in life I feel are so urgent in the moment. The feeling is the same, the “IT” just changes. Taking 30 seconds to think about the worst outcome puts my sense of urgency to rest. I am reminded that the worst case scenario usually isn’t all that bad after all.

But I still want that loop with “Put on your shoes” playing. Yes, definitely that.


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