Fun Friday

May 2
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Our Friday tradition. Being mindful, at least once, this week of the presence of fun in our life.

This Friday: Give yourself permission to look silly.

Adults are keenly aware of being seen. We know what certain groups consider to be acceptable behavior and we tend to fall in line with what is expected so we don’t stand out as anything “other.” Giving yourself permission to look silly is a ticket to freedom.

I am not saying you need to act a fool for the sake of being a goofball, the point here is to liberate yourself from the mold. If you are at a party and the music is moving you…dance. Many people may be concerned that if they start to dance everyone will stare and think they are odd. Truth is, there are probably 10 other people at that party that were thinking they wanted to dance but didn’t have the courage to shake it until they saw you out there groovin’!

Be the one to get the party started, to spark the fun. Shut down that voice that tries to protect you from looking silly and instead grant yourself permission to be you, in all your glory!

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