It Will Feel Risky

April 30
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There is something holding you back from experiencing more fun in your life. It’s name is Doubt. You want to try something new but quickly rattle off 10 reasons why it will not work out. Maybe you fear failure. Maybe you are nervous to step beyond what is comfortable. So you brush that new idea under the rug and go about with the same ole blah blah blah. Sure, you have plenty of reasonable excuses. But excuses are gremlins and we feed them little doubt snacks until they are big and full and bulging.

You are capable of more than you believe.

Fear and doubt seem to be our default when faced with something new. This is not necessarily a bad thing, the bad thing is giving into those emotions and denying yourself a more enriched life. That is the paradox of something worthwhile: it is going to feel risky. All you have to do is scale the wall of doubt to get to the goodness on the other side. And there is fun in that process. Fun in the nitty-gritty of doing something you’ve dreamed. Fun in the way you are moving past your fear. Even if there is failure, there can still be fun. Fun in the trying.

Because fun is freedom.

When you are having fun you are freeing yourself from whatever confines weigh you down. Have you ever done something you thought you couldn’t do? For whatever reason you went ahead and tried and as it turns out, you lived. It wasn’t as bad as you anticipated. You actually had fun? Felt free? Self-preservation is our default button, but when you choose not to hit that button out of habit, you will start to see your world change. The more you do the things you think you cannot do, the more you start to prove to yourself that your fears are not real.

You can do more than you are doing today.

There are plenty of people living life on their own terms, putting action behind their ideas and goals. They don’t possess any special strands of DNA, the difference is they woke up one morning and decided to figure it out. They started trying and didn’t stop until they reached what they set out for. If something didn’t work along they way they figured out a new way. I am talking about anything from creating your own company to creating a regular exercise plan. Goals look different for everyone.

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What is tugging at your heart? Is there an idea floating around your brain that you can’t seem to shake?

Does it feel risky? Even a little? Good! It had better, or it’s not even worth your time.

Don’t hit the default button. Don’t give into doubt. Fun is waiting on the other side of your self-created illusions.

Fear is like a pimple on the ass of life. Pop that nasty thing already!

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