Fun Friday

April 18
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Ahhhh, the magic moment when you slip from sleep to waking and realize it’s Friday. It is enough to fuel a happy mood for the whole day. There may be things you are dreading that come with Friday, but somehow they seem more palatable on a Friday than a Monday. Let’s start a tradition together: Fun Friday. Even if for just one day this week, let us be mindful of injecting fun into our lives. No pressure, we’ll start very small and simple.

Let this Fun Friday Start in the shower*.

  • Think of 2 people at random.
  • Send them happy thoughts and say a prayer they get to have some fun today.
  • Mean it.
  • Do the same for yourself.

*If you are a stay-at-home mom, showers are more a luxury than a daily occurence. Trust me, I know. If you can, do yourself a solid and get after one of those hot, steamy showers today – even if it’s 4:00PM. You deserve it! You too, deserve to be clean. If it is just not in the cards, no worries. You can get a piece of Fun Friday too. Perhaps while you are brushing your teeth, waiting at a stop light or taking a -also very coveted- (private) bathroom break. This goes for all of you that may have already taken a shower as well.

Work this small habit into your day and watch the effects unfold!


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