Why Spreading Fun Makes You Happier

April 7
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One of the simplest ways to nurture fun in your life is to bring some fun to someone else’s day. Plan to toss a fun bomb in the middle of an ordinary Tuesday. If nothing else, the unexpected is exciting and fun.

In college, my BFF/roommate and I were always leaving fun surprises for one another. One day I came home to a envelope taped to our apartment door that contained the first clue to a scavenger hunt. I still remember driving around from clue to clue with a giant smile on my face.

I know what you’re thinking: this sounds like a lot of extra work; there’s no time for this. I feel you on this-is-one-more-thing-to-add-to-my-list vibe. But we must tend to these areas of our life to make them enriching. We need these soul nuggets of fun to fill our tanks. Keep in mind, it does not have to be elaborate to be wonderful.
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These are the instances that create what I call “Residual Love.” It is the good feeling you get when you are doing something kind for someone else. Every time you act out of kindness or love for another, trace amounts are left on your heart. When you toss fun around to others, it boomerangs right back to you. It creates a connection between you, another human and the experience. And more than that – it creates something meaningful that you both can treasure.

Preparing something fun for another person can be just as fun as receiving  something fun yourself. There is a thrill in the planning and the anticipation of their response. This week I challenge you to drop some fun in to someone’s life. And don’t be timid with it, drop it like it’s hot.

If you are not sure where to start, here are a few quick ideas for fun gestures.


Pick them up early from school and go to a movie/ice cream/park. They will remember this for years to come.

Let them have ice cream for breakfast.

Hide some items around the house and give them clues where to find them.

Significant other:

Ambush date night. Surprise them with a night out when they think you are staying in.

Leave a love note in their purse/briefcase/backpack.

Think outside the restaurant. Do something that you do not ordinarily do – together! (Rock climbing, four wheeling, painting class…)


Send them a handwritten card or small package in the mail. Who doesn’t love getting mail?

Make or order them dinner one night.

Leave a treat on their door.

Sneak attack someone with fun this week and share what you did in the comments section.  

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