For the Love of Music

March 31
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When I was on my 3rd date with my husband, he casually commented that he was “not really into music.”

/long pause in conversation as I stared blankly at him, waiting for him to follow up with “just kidding”/

Could this be possible? Music is part of human nature, right? In that moment I seriously considered asking him to turn the car around and take me home because clearly this me and him thing – it was not going to happen. I am not sure how much time elapsed between his insane proclamation and when our conversation resumed, but that moment is burned into my memory, laser sharp.

To me this seemed like a joke because I have such a love affair with music. I had never met anyone who just dabbled in listening to music. So I did what any self-respecting woman would do and I made him a mix tape. Surely this would bring him over to the enlightened side, full of wicked beats and rad jams. After 4 moves and 12  years together that CD is in one of two places: (not) decomposing in a landfill or collecting dust on a Goodwill shelf. I like to think a well rounded, hip and adventurous person picked up this ordinary CD off the shelf of Goodwill and was so intrigued by its plainness that they HAD to take it home and pop it in the player. And while they sat on the couch, nice glass of wine in hand, they wept at the beauty and complexity of this playlist and they were forever changed. And then they played it a second time to just dance because it is impossible to be still when this much canned heat is pumping through your speakers. Technically, it could happen.

Music can transcend the moment. It can transform and transport. That is why I love music so much. My mood depends a lot on what I listen to as what I listen to can change my mood. Music is a great influencer.

When I have the car all to myself, I sync my phone, pump up the volume and pump up the jam. Because there are those days when mama needs to play the version with the explicit lyrics warning – loud! Or when I need to believe that Adam Levine, Drake and JT are singing only to me. Other days I’ve got back up for Mary J and harmonies for the Indigo Girls. (I try to sing along to Bruno Mars but he is just enough out of my register that I end up with a sore throat.) I bop my head. I let my shoulders bounce. Music transcends.

As it turns out my husband was/is more into music than he thought/thinks. When we met he owned approximately 8 CD’s and I am proud to say that he now has not one but ZERO songs uploaded onto any devise that plays music. (The size of his collection doesn’t matter, it’s how he uses it). I have seen plenty of songs  from his past evoke memories and emotions; I see him absorbed by the same rhythm sponge. Music floats between the walls of our home often and he can’t help but to bounce with me and sing along.

I have to know: What are your top 3 songs of all time?

Sidenote 1: Just for FUN, I hid 7 song titles in this post. Can you find them?

Sidenote 2: The other day I had my music on shuffle and the best songs were playing, one after the other. I thought, “it’s like my iPod knows me!” Then, of course, the next song is “Who Let the Ghosts Out” from Kidz Bop Halloween. Moment. Lost.



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