5 New Ways To Think About Fun

March 27
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Fun is subjective. Everyone has their own definition.

Additionally, each person experiences fun in a different way. Our relationship with fun is very specific to our personalities and preferences. Like most positive and healthy things in our lives, fun needs to be nurtured; to be tended to so it can grow and flourish in our days.

Here are 5 new ways to think about fun

1.Make it your own.

You have total creative license when it comes to deciding what is fun for you. Just because your best friend thinks gardening is fun, doesn’t mean you need to as well. Own your fun, even if no one else can see why you enjoy an activity so much. It doesn’t matter what it means to others, it only has to mean something to you.

2.It doesn’t have to be huge to be fun.

Fun is hiding in the nooks and crannies of every day life, just waiting to be discovered. It is a misconception that you must be dancing on tables in Vegas to really be having fun. (Although I have to admit that sounds like A LOT of fun right now!) Putting on your favorite jam while driving to the grocery store can make that little jaunt much more fun. The sum of the little things can add up to make a big difference.

3.Be all there.

If you are engaging in something fun, do your best to rid yourself of mind-clutter. All the distractions and rambling thoughts can be shelved until you’re done. Be present in your fun. It is a sacred time and should be given your undivided attention and respect. Fun brings us freedom and we should take full advantage of that!

4.It must elevate your heart/mind/soul.

Doing something fun evokes a lot of emotion. Perhaps you feel joyful, accomplished, energized or inspired afterwards. The whole point of investing in fun is for these outcomes: the little lovefest our mind, heart and soul soak up from something meaningful. And who doesn’t dig their own little lovefest?

5. Give into its addictive quality.

Fun is addictive. As soon as we have some, we want more. Go ahead and indulge in a second helping! When fun is not around, we start to dream of it. Our human spirit craves it. The average day, with it’s routines and responsibilities, allows for burst of fun here and there. So if you can, be greedy! Keep chowin’ those fun bites down until you’re full.


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